Hannah JaneHannah Jane

The staff are friendly and professional and the facilities are very well kept.

If you take the time to read through the negative reviews you will easily see that they are clearly false.

I definitely recommend Imperial Radiology!

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You never know how long you're going to wait here. They assign you an appointment but ask that you arrive 30minutes beforehand. There's always a couple of sheets of paperwork to fill out but otherwise you're just sitting in a crowded room for at least 30minutes until they call you back. Reception staff is not always the nicest, but I can see they get backed up with calls and duties. The facilities themselves are very well taken care of and clean.
I've been here for a couple of different scans. I once had an MRI jaw scan, which dragged on forever. I felt like I moved a little during the time and asked the staff after if the scan still came out well. They said yes. Then I get a call a few days later saying the radiologist wanted to do additional scans. I asked why I needed additional scans when I should've gotten everything done at my appointment? Unless there was something wrong with the scans and they need to redo them? Then they admitted, yes, that they needed to do the scans again. It could've saved so much wasted time if they simply checked at that moment. Some staff members are nice but some are just incompetent.

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Cel S.Cel S.

Now that I have calmed down from my review on 6/1, I would like to leave another one.

This is the BEST office around.
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